Our suite of software solutions has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the corrections industry. With Shadowtrack, officers can manage enrollee data, schedule appointments, track compliance, and monitor enrollee progress with ease. Our software is fully customizable to your needs and can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of your agency. With a range of features including automated reminders, customizable reports, and secure messaging, you can be confident that you have the tools you need to help your clients succeed.

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OFFIcer App

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An iPhone and laptop displaying the officer app.

enrollee App

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An iOS and Android device showing the enrollee app.


Shadowtrack is a technology company that specializes in the corrections industry offering over 18+ key services. Along with our mobile application Shadowtrack also offers a robust case management solution that documents all enrollee data.

A modern green outline of our ShadoWatch, also known as a wrist watch.


  • Touchless Enrollment
  • Fields Auto-Defaulted
  • Select Phone Type
  • Select Language
  • Select Hearing Impaired
  • Enter Phone Number
  • Assign Schedules
  • Once Completed Automatically Sent to Enrollee
  • Caseload Management Integration
A modern green outline of our ShadoWatch, also known as a wrist watch.
A green outline of a video camera which represents our ShadowView service.


  • Officer Initiated
  • Two-Way Virtual Communication
  • Enrollee Location Displayed During Video
  • Perform Home Contacts Virtually
  • Enter Notes During or After a Video Call
  • Protects Officer Time & Resources
  • Ability to Mute Microphone
  • Ability to Turn off and Flip Camera
  • Ability to determine enrollee's signal strength
  • Caseload Management Integration
  • Schedule Virtual Appointments through our Calendar System


  • Officers Schedule Appointments
  • Enrollee Notified Via Push Notification
  • Appointments are Time & Date Stamped
  • Officer Can View All Enrollee Appointments
  • Enrollee Notification Acknowledgment Documented
  • Keep track of upcoming and past due events and tasks
  • Reminders Automatically Sent 24hrs Before an Appointment
  • Officer has the ability to add the enrollees appointment to their own calendar
A green outline of a calendar. This represents our ShadowCal service..
A green outline of a location marker with a checkmark under it. This represents our ShadowLocate service.


  • Location with Voice Verification
  • Location with Facial Recognition
  • Location with Fingerprint Verification
  • Silent Location Request
  • Create Inclusion and Exclusion Zones
  • Customizable Radius Size
  • Associate schedules with Zones
  • This service is paired with all of the other Shadowtrack services
  • All locations recorded within enrollees profile


  • Live chat session with the enrollee via the Shadowtrack® EnrolleeApp and OfficerApp
  • Officer initiated only
  • Enrollees location is obtained during chat session
  • Once ended, the enrollee cannot reenable the chat session
  • Officer can enter notes at the end of the chat session
  • Note type abbreviations are available and customized to the entity’s preference
  • The chat session and length are recorded in the Shadowtrack® web application so that all communication with the enrollee is documented
A green outline of a chat/message icon representing our ShadowChat service.
A green outline of an image, representing our ShadowVmail service.


  • Both officers and enrollees can leave voicemails
  • All messages are date and time stamped
  • View enrollee location from where message was sent
  • Officers have the ability to schedule their response
  • Notified via push notification
  • Messages are automatically transcribed 
  • Officer can enter freehanded notes
  • Messages not listened to will appear red
  • All enrollee voicemails are documented within our case management system


  • Inbound or Outbound drug test notifications
  • Random or scheduled drug testing notifications
  • Customized according to the entity’s needs
  • Notified via SMS, phone call, email or push notifications
  • Each notification is documented within the enrollees profile
  • Enrollee required to confirm they have received the notification to report for testing
  • Enrollee confirmation documented
  • Automatically notifies enrollees of cancellations
  • Integrated with our payment collection service
  • Integration with testing facilities, and final test results
  • Utilized via landline or mobile phone

A green outline of a clipboard with a marijuana leaf on it. This represents our ShadowTest service.
A green outline of a box showing a vocal pitch within it, representing our ShadowVoice service.


  • Verify Enrollee Identity
  • Obtain a Location During Verification
  • If Voice Fails Facial is Initiated
  • Officer Notified if Voice Fails
  • Paired with Curfew & Interview Schedules
  • Enrollee Repeats Three Phrases
  • Enrollees can perform Verifications at any time
  • Anti-Spoofing Technology Built-in
  • Caseload Management Integration


  • Individual or mass notifications
  • Officers can schedule future notifications to be sent
  • All notifications are date/time stamped and recorded within the enrollees profile
  • Notifications sent via SMS, Phone Call, Email, Voicemail or Push Notification
  • Schedule one-time or recurring notifications for upcoming appointments, court dates, or probation-related reminders
  • Can be utilized via a landline or mobile phone depending upon the format of the message
A green outline of an envelope with a sheet of paper coming out the top with an exclamation mark on it. This represents our ShadowNotice service.
A green outline of a piece of paper with writing on it and there is a pencil next to the paper. This represents our ShadowNotes service.


  • Paired with all Shadowtrack® services
  • All notes logged within our Case Management System
  • All notes date and time stamped
  • When changing the compliance status of an event a note is required


  • Our Facial Recognition service
  • Can be used as a primary or secondary form of verification
  • Can be used for hearing impaired enrollees
  • If voice fails facial recognition is automatically initiated
  • Paired with ShadowLocate, so the identity and location of the enrollee are verified simultaneously
  • Ability to capture a new enrollment photo at the user’s discretion in the event the enrollee changes their physical appearance
A green outline of a persons face being scanned, representing our ShadowFace service.
A green outline of a desktop computer with two people on the screen speaking to each other. This represents our ShadowInteractive service.


  • Facial or voice verification is required before completing an interview
  • Interview questions are customizable and created according to the preference of the entity
  • The primary question is followed up with a secondary question that allows the enrollee to provide pertinent information to their officer
  • Can be scheduled at the frequency desired by the user
  • Can be paired with the ShadowLocate service to verify the location of the enrollee upon completing their interview session
  • Responses to questions can be typed or spoken using the microphone on the enrollee’s phone
  • Ability to listen to the audio or view the transcribed text for each exception response
  • Exception report available for all exception responses for multiple enrollees at a time
  • Notification to the assigned user when a scheduled interview session is not completed
  • Available in any language
  • Landline, Mobile, or Smartphone compatible


  • Enrollees make online payments via our payment portal
  • Payment reminders and notifications automatically sent
  • Process debits and credits
  • View a detailed register with line by line records of all transactions via the enrollees profile
  • Multiple register types can be created to allow enrollees to pay off various debts that may or may not be related
  • Ability to make partial or total balance payments
  • Financial reports available to manage funds collected and balances owed
An outline of a green dollar sign. This represents our ShadowPay service.
A magnifying glass with a glass of alcohol in the center. This represents our ShadowBriety service.


  • Works in conjunction with IOS and Android devices
  • Facial recognition completed during sobriety test
  • If BAC score is above "0" a second test is required
  • Can be paired with the ShadowLocate service, so the location of the enrollee is verified during the sobriety test
  • Anti-spoofing technology built in
  • User automatically notified if BAC score is above "0"
  • The BAC score is recorded on the enrollee profile in the Shadowtrack® application


  • Officer initiated only
  • Enrollee never obtains officers number
  • Call placed directly to enrollee's phone
  • Initiated within the officer app
  • All calls are logged within the enrollees profile in the Shadowtrack® application
An outline of a phone ringing. This represents our ShadowPhone service.
A green outline of a passport with a plane on the front of it. This represents our ShadowPass service.


  • Allows the enrollee to request a travel pass
  • Officer can approve or deny travel passes
  • Requires the enrollee to check-in via the EnrolleeApp when they arrive and return from their destination
  • Location obtained and verified during check-in
  • Can be utilized via a landline or a mobile phone