Offer your clients an economical and dignified solution for home incarceration no matter where they live. The Shadowtrack® program is beneficial for clients that live in a different county or state from where they were sentenced. This is a widely accepted alternative to embarrassing and uncomfortable house arrest ankle bracelets.

We are the only company in the United States that can work directly with your clients in providing a community corrections-based solution, no matter where they live.

Documentation is available to help you obtain court approval by completing the Attorney Request form below. This is useful for the prosecutor, probation officer, or the judge and helps them understand the program if they are not already familiar with it.


Allows an agency, court, or attorney to refer an enrollee to our program and receive updates on their enrollment process.


Request a pre-approval letter for your client that can be presented to the court for approval. There is no fee for this request.


Request to receive compliance information that can be presented to the court on your client's behalf

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