Do Not Track Policy

We respect the privacy of our users and understand that some users may prefer not to have their online activity tracked. Therefore, we have implemented a "Do Not Track" policy that allows users to opt-out of certain types of tracking on our website.

What is "Do Not Track" (DNT)?

"Do Not Track" is a feature in most web browsers that allows users to inform websites and online services that they do not want to be tracked. When a user enables the DNT feature, their browser sends a signal to websites indicating that the user does not want their online activity to be tracked. However, please note that there is no standard for how websites should respond to the DNT signal, and the effectiveness of DNT is therefore limited.

What types of tracking does our website use?

Our website uses certain types of tracking, such as cookies and analytics tools, to improve the user experience and to understand how users interact with our website. However, we do not use any tracking data for targeted advertising or other purposes that are not directly related to the operation of our website.

How do I opt-out of tracking on your website?

If you do not want your online activity to be tracked on our website, you can enable the DNT feature in your web browser. Please note that if you choose to enable the DNT feature, certain features of our website may not function properly.

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