Travel Pass

The travel pass feature offers the user the ability to enter “Return Dates” for approved enrollee travel requests. If the enrollee does not check in to the application by the return date the user is notified.  The travel pass feature also verifies the location of the enrollee when they check in.  This ensures the enrollee is in fact back at their required location. The user has multiple travel pass reports available to manage travel passes efficiently for their entire caseload. 

The travel pass service allows the agency to:

  • Efficiently manage caseload travel requests via the application eliminating direct contact with the enrollee to verify they have returned from travel
  • The automated non compliance alert allows the user to enforce enrollee accountability to return from travel by required return dates.
  • Minimize the risk of a user forgetting about a travel pass request
  • Verify the enrollee is back at their required location using location services
  • Gives the user the ability to schedule travel passes via the User Mobile Application  

Travel Pass Platform Functionality

Custom Shadowtrack script that allows the enrollee the option to check in from travel. The script will play as follows

  • “To notify your user that you have returned from travel, press 5”
  • Once 5 is pressed, we verify that the location is within the authorized radius
  • Ability to enable the “Return From Travel Check In” custom script only when a “Travel Pass Start Date” is entered in the application otherwise the custom script will not play
  • A  travel pass section listed at the top of the compliance tab to enter the travel “Start Date” and “Return Date”
  • Travel pass results logged on the compliance tab
  • A non compliant call logged once the “Return Date” has arrived and the enrollee has not checked in
  • The ability to generate a report to view what enrollees have not completed a check in by the required “Return Date”

Ability to run the following reports during a specified time period:

  • Total travel passes requested
  • Total travel pass returns
  • Total unreturned travel passes
  • Total travel passes returned inside fence
  • Total travel passes returned outside fence

Benefits of the Travel Pass Service

  • Eliminates direct contact between the enrollee and user
  • Automates enrollee check in from travel
  • Increases enrollee accountability by automatically obtaining location information when the enrollee checks in
  • Allows the user to efficiently manage and monitor travel passes by reviewing the travel pass reports