Am I eligible for Shadowtrack?

ShadowTrack, will provide house arrest monitoring to anyone that has received approval from a judge, supervising agent or probation officer.  If you need to get approval. ShadowTrack, has the tools to assist you. It is important for you to understand that ShadowTrack, does not have any authority regarding your sentence.  ShadowTrack, will provide you house arrest monitoring as an enrollee based on the terms (restrictions and allowances) of your sentence; then report your activity to the courts, supervising agent or probation officer. This contact information will be provided to us with your enrollment agreement (if required)

How does ShadowTrack go about helping get someone out of jail?

If the offender has already been to court and sentenced to jail, ShadowTrack does not have the authority to override a courts decision. However, if the person is in jail awaiting trial, there may be a possibility, depending on the offense, that a judge would consider using Shadowtrack as an alternative while waiting for trial.

How do I get court approval for this program?

Obtaining approval from the court to use this program should not be an issue. We have enrolled thousands of offenders all over the country. By completing the request form, we will send you documentation that can be used to present to the court on your client’s behalf.

What do I need to get enrolled?

Once you receive approval to enroll in ShadowTrack,you will need to contact your telephone provider to remove restricted features.  Your telephone should have basic service plus call waiting.  You are not allowed to have call forwarding, call conferencing, or anonymous call blocker/privacy director.  Once your telephone line is ready and verified by a representative you will need to contact ShadowTrack house arrest monitoring Enrollment Services for an enrollment agreement.  Within the enrollment agreement you will inform ShadowTrack of your requirements for home incarceration (schedule, supervising agent etc.) and then submit payment.  ShadowTrack Enrollment Services will then enroll you in the program and take your voice print.

How long is the enrollment process?

Enrollment is a quick and easy process.  It takes under 10 minutes to enter the data for enrollment and record a voice print.  To avoid a lengthy enrollment  process, you should have all of the information required: phone features removed, enrollment agreement signed and faxed to ShadowTrack’s house arrest monitoring enrollment department, payment, and court documentation with court and supervising agent’s contact information.

What if I am ill?

The voice verification will not be affected if you are sick.  In extreme cases in which your speech pattern is affected, such as oral surgery, you will be required to provide documentation from your doctor.

What if I have an emergency and have to leave?

If you have a medical emergency, you will be required to provide documentation of your visit to the hospital, and if possible, make an inbound call to verify your location.  Once you return home, another inbound call should be made into the system.

Is ShadowTrack approved in my county

ShadowTrack, has been approved by many courts throughout the country.  Please contact us for more information about availability in your area.

What type of phone service do I need?

A land line telephone with basic touch-tone service and call waiting is all that is required for the ShadowTrack®, program.  Magic Jack, Vonage, Skype, and other Voice-Over IP telephone services are not allowed at this time.  Other restricted features include call forwarding, call conferencing and anonymous call blocker/privacy director.

What happens if someone else answers the phone?

When the system calls, anyone can answer the phone.  The system will instruct the person who answers to put the enrollee on the phone and will repeat the request three times.  It is the enrollee’s responsibility to make everyone in the household aware of ShadowTrack, calls and the seriousness of the matter.

What happens if the offender needs to move from one state to another?

An offender can be monitored anywhere in the US and Canada.  After enrollment into the ShadowTrack electronic monitoring program, ShadowTrack requires a 24 hour notification of the move.  If approved by the court or probation office ShadowTrack will make this change.  Also, ShadowTrack will be able to place any calls on hold during the move if approved by the court or probation office.  The days that would be missed for the move will be added to the end of your sentence

How do I pay for ShadowTrack?

Visa or MasterCard (Credit or Debit Cards) are accepted.  If you do not have a credit or debit card, simply go to your local bank, pharmacy, or Walmart and purchase a prepaid card