How do I get the judge to approve this program?

Obtaining approval from the court to use this home incarceration program should not be an issue.  We have enrolled thousands of offenders all over the country.  By completing the request form, we will send you documentation that can be used to present to the court on your client’s behalf.

How long does it take to setup a new enrollee

Enrollment is a quick and easy process.  It takes under 10 minutes to enter the data for enrollment and record the voice print.

How does ShadowTrack capture the voice print?

ShadowTrack can record the offender’s voice print from any location using a land line telephone.  The voice print takes approximately 90 seconds to complete.  The offender will be asked to repeat various phrases until a valid sample is generated.

Where can the voice print be taken?

The voice print can be obtained from any land line telephone, including the probation office, jail, enrollee’s home,or other authorized location such as a notary public.

What happens if the enrollee fails to check-in or answer a random call?

If an enrollee fails to check-in at the scheduled time or checks in from an unauthorized location, the supervising agent or the court will receive an automatic notification of the violation.  Notification reports are also sent for various other violations, such as failure to answer the land line phone, impostor attempt, hang-up, etc.