Shadowtrack’s Caseload  Management service allows the user to manage an enrollee’s case while on the Shadowtrack program. The Pre-Trial/Diversion Management allows the user to set up program conditions based on each enrollee’s case requirements. The user can notify the enrollee of upcoming deadlines, meetings, classes, or test.  The user can be notified if the enrollee fails to complete any required conditions by a specified deadline. Pre-Trial/Diversion Management can be paired with any of Shadowtrack’s modules for more efficient Pre-Trial/Diversion Management. 

Pre-Trial/Diversion Management service allows the agency to:

  • Integrate with all of Shadowtrack’s modules to increase user efficiency
  • Improve enrollee accountability by reminding the enrollee they have an upcoming deadline
  • Obtain current records and contact information for the enrollee in a more efficient manner
  • Send scheduled and random customized notifications via text to speech, text messaging, email, or uploaded voicemail. Great for court and probation appointment reminders

Pre-Trial/Diversion Management Platform Functionality

Customizable API integration capability with 3rd party software

  • Import data into the Shadowtrack application that can include but is not limited to the following:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Color Code
  • Entity referral code


  • Requirement are customizable per entity and can be setup up based on the individual needs of the entity
  • Auto populated deadline reminders for conditions can be generated for the enrollee to improve efficiency in completing court ordered requirements
  • Ability to override any automatic notifications

Pre-Trial/Diversion Management Events 

  • “Requirements by Offense” button that generates a list of requirements that are based on the enrollee’s offense.
  • Scheduled reminders sent to the enrollee based off of requirement deadlines designated by the user
  • Shows the auto populated dates set by each requirement the enrollee is scheduled to complete
  • Requirement are customizable per entity and can be setup up based on the individual needs of the entity
  • Auto populated deadline reminders for conditions can be generated for the enrollee to improve efficiency in completing court ordered requirements
  • Ability to override any automatic notifications
  • Allows the user to print a checklist that lists all condition requirements, deadlines, and Pre-Trial/Diversion Management information entered by the assigned user.
  • Ability to automatically notify enrollee a fixed number of days prior to completing the program of the date the program will end.
  • Ability to send scheduled  TTS, SMS, and email notifications to the enrollee  
  • Option to send a text message to the user when an interview (Self-Report) is incomplete
  • Logic that prevents editing of Pre-Trial/Diversion Management Notifications that have already been sent
  • The ability to view time and date confirmation on the dashboard indicating that the enrollee received their reminder alert
  • The enrollee profile will be automatically assigned a color to alert the user of the status of completing requirements. The requirement stages are color coded as follows:
    • GREEN – Requirement is in good standing
    • YELLOW – Requirement approaching deadline
    • ORANGE – Requirement in “Grace Period”
    • RED – Requirement passed
    • BLUE – Requirement is complete
  • A report will be available to the entity so they can review the color code status of each enrollee


  • An event calendar per enrollee that displays all future deadline and condition requirements for the next 30 days.
  • Ability to schedule appointments via the calendar
  • Ability to send out an appointment reminder via email one day prior to the appointment date
  • The enrollee calendar will also display conditions and requirements as follows:
    • Requirement due dates
    • Requirement reminders
    • Appointments
    • No show
    • Drug test notification
    • Ability to see each requirement in the stage color
    • Ability to add manually Caseload events


  • Case notes can be entered by users along with an audit trail so the user name that entered the note is listed

Automated Mail Merge Letters

  • Automated certificate of completion letter generated by the application once condition requirements have been successfully completed
  • Ability to generate a “Terms and Condition” form with all program requirements merged on the document


  • Transactions
  • Ability to add debits and credits
  • Ability to view transactions by type
  • Show up to date balance on account
  • Ability to send payment reminders based on payment due date
  • Auto generated transaction ID numbers


  • Recidivism reports that allow the entity to run annual reports on enrollees that have completed program requirements if the enrollee has been rearrested
  • Customizable reports per entity that can display the following:
    • Misdemeanor referrals
    • Felony referrals

DWI referrals

  • DWI with required meetings
  • Automatic referrals
  • Number of enrollments
  • Number of appointments

Reports with statistical data showing the following:

  • Profile demographics
  • Charges
  • Program conditions and stage requirements
  • Completed total enrollees
  • Success rate
  • enrollee compliance


  • Ability to upload and store documents, certificate, and test results


  • The ability to associate authorized contacts with the enrollee
  • The ability to associate multiple contact types to an enrollee​ such as Caseworker, Judge, Lawyer, family member, etc.
  • The ability to identify contacts as “Share Authorized” indicating the user has permission to share information regarding the enrollee with this contact

Authorized Lab 

  • The ability to associate an enrollee with an authorized lab location for drug testing
  • The ability to generate an automated mail merge letter to be sent to the authorized lab notifying them of enrollee information, lab requirements for testing, and that the enrollee is going to be reporting for drug testing on a specific date.

Benefits of Pre-Trial/Diversion Management

  • Provides user accountability by auditing all user changes and modifications to enrollee profiles
  • Improves efficiency by allowing users to automate program condition deadlines and reminders to the enrollee
  • Increases efficiency in user Pre-Trial/Diversion Management by sending automated reports to users for enrollees that fail to meet program deadlines
  • Increases productivity by allowing the user to deliver messages to multiple enrollees one or more times
  • Allows the agency to determine the days and times that are most convenient for enrollees to report for testing, counseling, or face to face meetings
  • Provides the agency with analytical data as a way to document demographics, crime stats, success/failure rate or perform Pre-Trial/Diversion Management studies
  • Economical – service will be provided with little to no markup on existing Shadowtrack services
  • Calendar feature to easily manage an enrollee’s upcoming appointments, court dates, etc.