Shadowtrack’s notification service allows the user to communicate with the enrollee by delivering scheduled messages to be placed to the enrollee during a verification call placed by the Shadowtrack application or an alert sent to the enrollee’s smartphone via the Shadowtrack app. Notifications allow the user the flexibility of sending notifications in several different formats including SMS, Text to Speech, Email, or Voicemail. The user can schedule messages to recur as often as they like as well as send multiple notifications to more than one enrollee at once. The Shadowtrack application logs the date and time the enrollee received the notification message.

Utilizing the Notification service allows the agency to:

  • Improve efficiency by eliminating user contact directly with the enrollee
  • Improve efficiency by allowing the user to send a notification to multiple enrollees at one time
  • Scheduled and random customized notifications via speech, text to speech, text messaging or uploaded recorded voice. Great for court and probation appointment reminders
  • Conveniently schedule exclusion dates for notifications so that notifications are not placed on specified dates

Notifications Platform Functionality

Schedule notification in the following ways: 

  • Email
  • Text to Speech with voice verification
  • Text to speech without voice verification
  • SMS
  • Voicemail
  • Text to speech paired with SMS

    Notification features:

  • Ability to send out a mass notification to more than one enrollee
  • Ability to send more than one type of notification to an enrollee at a time
  • Ability to schedule a notification to occur at a specific time and date
  • Ability to schedule a notification to recur on a set daily, weekly, or monthly period
  • Ability to schedule exclusion dates for a notification so that notification are not placed on specified dates  
  • Ability to schedule a notification to recur randomly during a weekly or monthly period 
  • Ability to verify if a notification message was heard by an enrollee
  • Ability to select “Voice Verification” so that the enrollee must verify their identity before the notification message plays
  • Phone call placed to the enrollee that allows the enrollee to listen to the notification message
  • Allows the enrollee to call into the application in the event of a missed call and hear the notification message
  • Ability to turn voice verification off for notifications
  • Ability to make an additional attempts to deliver the notification if a voice failure occurs
  • Ability to verify the date and time an SMS notification was sent to the enrollee
  • Ability to pair voice verification with text to speech and voicemail notifications during additional attempts to deliver the notification message
  • Ability to restrict notifications by enrollee
  • Allows the enrollee to send a voicemail to their assigned user
  • Spanish and English text to speech technology converts typed phrases to voice
  • Push notification sent to the enrollee via their mobile device that allows them to view the notification message on their mobile device.  
  • Ability to conveniently schedule notifications per enrollee and per entity from the User’s main dashboard

Benefits of Notifications

  • Increases productivity for the agency by eliminating the user’s personal interaction to communicate messages
  • Increases productivity by allowing the user to deliver messages to multiple enrollees one or more times
  • Increases efficiency by allowing the user to verify the enrollee has received the notification message