Interactive Voice Interview

Shadowtrack’s self reporting service consists of an interactive voice interview of customized questions that allows the user to retrieve information from the enrollee. The Interactive Voce Interview (Self-Report) service supports any language and allows the user to designate an unlimited number of questions. The user designates the frequency the enrollee is required to call in for self reporting. The service offers the ability to schedule reminders to be sent to the enrollee of an upcoming self report session. The self reporting service features email alerts to the user if an exception occurs during a self report session or the enrollee fails to report.

Utilizing Interactive Voice Interview (Self-Report) service allows the agency to:

  • Improve efficiency by eliminating user contact directly with the enrollee to retrieve updated information ranging from enrollee contact information, employment status, Interaction with law enforcement or arrests, or any other type of information the user would like to retrieve from the enrollee.
  • Improve enrollee accountability by reminding the enrollee they have an upcoming self report session
  • Obtain current records and contact information for the enrollee in a more efficient manner

Interactive Voice Verification Platform Functionality

Schedule self reporting in the following ways:
  • Ability to schedule the interview to begin on a specific date
  • Schedule the interview duration to be an hour, day, week, month
  • The option to schedule the interview to recur daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly

Schedule interview reminders in the following ways:
  • X number of days prior to the interview period
  • Hours or minutes prior to interview expiration date
  • Recur every day until the end of the interview period
  • Recur a fixed number of times
  • Logic that stops interview reminders once an interview has been complete
Self reporting features:
  • Supports any language
  • Interactive voice response that allows the enrollee to respond to questions asked during self reporting
  • Wav file recordings of all enrollee interview responses the user can hear
  • The ability to create custom self reporting protocols with an unlimited number of questions
  • Option to accept self reporting interviews after the interview period has expired
  • Allows you to pair random location verification called “Quick checks” with self reporting
  • Agency feature that allows the enrollee to complete an interview after a voice verification failure
  • Allows the user to create interview schedule templates per Entity to avoid repetitive entering of schedules
  • Administrative ability to lock Interview schedule templates to prevent users from modifying templates
  • Allows the user the ability to share Interview schedule templates with additional sub entities
  • Ability to require an Interview to be completed by forcing the enrollee to complete the interview on the next inbound or outbound call once the Interview period has expired
  • When the app receives a verification call API request, an alert will be displayed on the screen, along with a sound and vibrate, requesting that the enrollee call in to the Shadowtrack platform to complete their interview by clicking on the alert window. The alert cannot be dismissed and prevents use of the mobile device until the enrollee initiates the call or manually dismissed the alert 
  • When the verification call is completed the interview questions will be played as well as the location coordinates are sent to the Shadowtrack platform via API. This can be set to automatically be sent out within minutes of the call. Shadowtrack has logic to set off an alert if we do not receive the location coordinates within five minutes.
  • The app will also allows the option for the enrollee to initiate facial recognition after an alert is received on the smartphone. Once identity verification is completed the enrollee will receive an SMS text of the interview questions. The enrollee can respond to the interview questions via text message as well. (Feature has not been implemented yet)

Benefits of Interactive Voice Verification

  • Increases productivity for the agency by eliminating the user’s personal interaction to obtain information from the enrollee
  • Allows the agency to designated the frequency self reporting is required in order to aid in upkeeping of current information for the enrollee
  • Implements enrollee responsibility in reporting updated information to the user by placing self reporting reminders
  • Increases efficiency in user Pre-Trial/Diversion Management by sending automated reports to users for enrollees that fail to self report
  • Allows the user to pair random location verification with self reporting to ensure the enrollee has not left a designated area during a self reporting period  
  • With smartphone no transcription required