Non-Contract Enrollment

The form below contains input elements; Please fill the form with Correct information

NOTICE: If you do not provide us with the necessary court information, confirmation and completion letters will not be sent. It will be your sole responsibility to ensure the court receives the proper correspondence.
NOTE: A RUSH enrollment fee of $100.00 will apply
THIS IS A CLICK AND DRAG CALENDAR. Please follow these directions when creating your schedule. See Example 5pm to 11am curfew below.

Click and hold on the time you get home from work and drag your mouse to the time you leave for work. For example Monday get home at 5pm and Tuesday leave at 11am. Repeat this step for each day of the week.

This will be considered your Curfew schedule.

NOTE: Days not listed will result in a 24 hour curfew schedule, also if you do not follow the directions you will be required to pay a schedule change fee to correct your schedule. We do not want to know what you do while away from home. WE ONLY NEED TO KNOW THE TIMES YOU ARE AT HOME

IF You have selected a monitoring time of less than the required 10 hours to be on this program. If you require less than 10 hours of monitoring a day please contact Shadowtrack at 1 (877) 396-0385 and select option 2 to speak with an enrollment specialist."
Note:Your curfew start date has to be at least 2 business days from the date of this application, unless you are paying a rush fee ($100).
Note: click here to watch more details about Curfew schedule.
Curfew Location Name
Optional Details
Select the times slots to be curfewed in a week. This will repeat for each week of monitoring..
Please check below that you understand that from this point forward all communications with our staff MUST be through Courts, Probation & Parole Officers and supervising agents require us to document all communication once enrolled into the program.

Terms and Conditions

Bank Notification

By checking this box, you are agreeing to notify your bank to "White List" Shadowtrack Technologies, Inc. Failure to do so could result in a failed charge which will require you to complete a reinstatement request.

Text Authorization

I agree to allow Shadowtrack to text my cellular phone when necessary.

Phone Bill Agreement

I understand that as a condition of my enrollment into the Shadowtrack program I may be required to provide copies of my phone bill for audit purposes.