Courts Voice Biometrics

Looking for an affordable offender monitoring paid sanction program that is easy to implement and easy for the offender to remain compliant? Through the use of voice biometrics, Shadowtrack has been providing the most efficient and economical house arrest monitoring, offender monitoring or curfew management program for over a decade. We offer the courts another tool that can be used to help with the behavior process of the offender monitoring.

Here are some of the other benefits to Shadowtrack’s turnkey solution:

  • Affordable to the offender
  • No geographical boundaries (we can monitor no matter where they live)
  • Easy to implement (the offender calls a toll-free number, and we do the rest)
  • Compliance reports available via Web, fax, mail, or e-mail upon request or instantly.
  • We send the court, or court officer, an enrollment confirmation, as well as a completion confirmation letter with detailed tracking history.

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