Voice Biometrics for Agencies

No matter what type of agency you represent; municipal, state, or federal court system, home incarceration facility, Voice biometrics, adult or juvenile probation or parole, we can offer an economical, easy and dignified service for your community-based monitoring needs no matter where the offender lives.

ShadowTrack offers technology that has a highly engineered interactive voice response system coupled with voice biometrics authentication technology. With just a regular telephone or cellular phone, offenders can be monitored in their home or elsewhere. The ShadowTrack voice biometrics and interactive voice response system is programmed to automatically keep track of offenders with random, scheduled, inbound or outbound calls from any authorized telephone such as home, work, rehab, or school.

With Shadowtrack, you have the option of managing your caseload via the Internet ( you hold the keys to the entire program), or you can simply have our enrollment services manage your accounts. Shadowtrack offers an innovative solution to the corrections industry. Voice biometrics is a cost effective and reliable source for monitoring individuals.