Additional Application Services

Here are the additional features our application services provides agencies:

  • Import data management
  • Import data via Excel file
  • Application protocol interface (API)
  • Much faster and efficient than previous versions
  • Universal “Google like” quick search capabilities to search for users by name, enrollee by name, telephone number, call number, ID number, and by entity name
  • Spanish and English Text-to-speech technology converts typed phrases to voice
  • Ability to assign multiple Users to one enrollee
  • Ability to move a User to a different Entity
  • Ability to move a User’s entire caseload 
  • Automatic password expiration feature for users. The feature allows the agency to require a password reset for each user upon their first login and every (x) number of days 
  • Customizable compliance tab option for users so they can filter by compliance data they prefer to see
  • Customizable entity settings
  • User IP Address tracking that includes the following, date and time of each login, IP Address, User agent string, Browser, and Browser version