About Us

Shadowtrack Technologies, Inc. (Shadowtrack) has been providing solutions specific to corrections for over 20 years monitoring pre-trial Abd post-trial participants as well as those in custody through various agencies working with both adults and juveniles. The ShadowtrackONE™ platform is a powerful and complete community supervision solution that includes a suite of comprehensive modules which can be implemented individually, or as a complete solution with no geographical restrictions.
Our technology has evolved as a direct result of feedback from officers in the field and participants of the program, and as a result, Shadowtrack offers the latest in technology to resolve the challenges in all aspects of community corrections.  Shadowtrack offers probation departments, correction agencies, and sheriff’s departments nationwide a broad menu of supervision solutions including multiple forms-based services.  Our mobile app capability, curfew management, self-reporting, drug/alcohol testing notifications, custom notifications, interactive facial or voice verification, case management, travel pass requests are just a few of the services offered by the ShadowtrackONE™ platform.

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